Spencer BezaireChef, Oyster Director and Co-Owner
A native of Los Angeles, Spencer Bezaire grew up in Altadena, CA. from German, French and Japanese decent. He discovered his interest for cooking at a young age watching his Japanese grandmother cook and from his mother’s love of gardening seasonal produce. Shortly after high school Spencer attended Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, while there he interned at the long-standing brasserie, Café Stella in Silver Lake. Upon graduating in 2008 he quickly worked his way up to become the Executive Chef at Café Stella where he formed close relationships with farmers and brought a fresh seasonal French menu to the table. Three years later he had taught himself as much classic French cuisine as he could and left to work at Heirloom LA to make their in house sausage and cured meats as well as cater events. A few months later he left catering to return to his passion for cooking in a restaurant. At the beginning of 2012 Spencer joined Dustin and Tyler in opening L&E Oyster Bar as the executive chef where he has developed a seasonal, seafood driven menu. He is continuously creating close relationships with oyster farmers up and down the East & West Coast, bringing the freshest most coveted oysters to Los Angeles and creating local, seasonal cuisine for the neighborhood.
Sabrina ReinbacherGeneral Manager, Wine Director and Co-Owner
Sabrina Reinbacher Bezaire was born and raised in Los Angeles. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University she moved to Manhattan to work in the fashion industry where she was exposed to New York’s unique food scene. After a few years in fashion Sabrina decided to pursue a career in the culinary world. A move to Paris to help friends open a bar and café was where she realized her love and passion for the restaurant industry. A year later she decided to return to LA to gain more experience. She was hired to help open Suzanne Goin’s Tavern. After one year in Brentwood she left for the opportunity to help open Forage in Silver Lake with chef and owner Jason Kim, formerly of Lucques. Following two years at Forage Sabrina serendipitously found herself as part of the opening team at L & E Oyster Bar where she serves as General Manager and Wine Director.
Dominique CrispSous Chef
Wren, Oregon. Home birthed in a cabin on a vineyard in 1987. Dominique Crisp, a future Mediterranean style cuisine chef was given champagne to taste as the first thing to ever indulge in as family tradition would have it. You could say palate was set at a high standard since birth. Infatuation with cooking started at a young age due to public televised cooking shows. Service industry began at the age of fifteen as a dishwasher in a local pizza parlor. From pizza in a sleepy college town to Portland Oregon hospitality seen. Twelve years flew by and now L & E poaches Dom from the booming Portland bar and dine seen to work as sous and give LA a chance. The transition is facilitated by the good natured undeniable faith that chef Bezaire sees in what Dom has to offer as a chef. Maybe some empathy too since Dom is a self taught French chef like chef Bezaire. The creativity continues, L & E grants Chef Crisp the chance to explore new ingredients and create new beautiful dishes daily.
Devin PeddeAssistant Manager and Beer Director
Devin arrived by boat. He is a good guy. Shut your face.
Tyler BellCo-Owner
In 1990 Tyler Bell moved to Los Angeles, where he hung out and worked in coffee shops. After a year of making lattes and selling baked goods he left California to play music with the Southern Rock band Blues Old Stand. With four years on the road under his belt, Bell stepped away from the drums and opened his first restaurant, Tomatinos Pizza and Bakeshop, in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. Between 1995 and 1999 Bell opened Cafe Louisa, The Olive Room and El Rey Burrito Lounge, greatly contributing to the culinary and cultural scene in the neighborhood of Cloverdale and in the downtown area. By 2005 he had divested in most of his restaurant holdings, leaving only El Rey Burrito Lounge to operate. This enabled him to spend more time in Los Angeles, the home of his wife, Sara Philpott. While his restaurant ambitions were on hold, Bell focused on making documentaries and traveling. In 2009, along with partner Matt Rogers and winemaker Dave Phinney, Bell launched Sonnez SVP wines. The first two wines, Mixtape and 8 Track, sold out in stores within months of being released in October 2011. About the same time in 2011 Bell and partner Dustin Lancaster signed the lease at 1637 Silver Lake Boulevard, the future home of L & E Oyster Bar. The oyster bar is the result of many years of oyster research and a deep admiration for oyster bars around the world. You can find the last few bottles of 2009 Mixtape at L & E Oyster Bar, and you can find Tyler either at L & E, El Rey Burrito Lounge, or his new bar in Montgomery, Leroy.
Dustin LancasterCo-Owner
An old soul from rural Oklahoma, Dustin Lancaster fell in love with the East side of Los Angeles a little over a decade ago. Dustin has been cultivating a unique craft of making Angelenos want to meet, eat, drink and be merry, starting at his first establishment, Covell in Los Feliz. Hilariously, if you asked Dustin to describe himself, you’d get “I’m just a Bud-drinking boy from Oklahoma.” To which one might respond: I guess you can take the boy out of Oklahoma, but fortunately for Los Angeles, you can’t get Oklahoma out of Loz Feliz. Prompted a little further, Dustin would say he just loves people, he loves wine, he loves the adventure, and he loves what the future holds.